Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beginnings and second beginnings

It usually happens this way: I await the approval of my OWL, refreshing the pages several times an hour. As soon as the approval is given I cast on and knit happily away, smiling at my progress. The next day I continue knitting, blissfully aware that this is the coolest thing I've made so far. Then it all comes to a screeching halt when I decide to dry-block (pin the project out without soaking it or anything like that) for pictures and I see that the edging just won't do and the cast on seems like it will break if I block it any harder. With a heavy heart, I frog all the stitches and count my blessings that it was only two days worth of work.

I was able to start over last night and got a few more rows completed this morning before heading out to work. I am looking forward to those moments after I get home when the cats have all been petted and kissed and forgiveness for leaving them has been granted, the water has been consumed, and dinner has been started... then I can knit some more before Brianna gets home.

I am in love with this project already. The pattern is lovely, simple, and elegant. The yarn is a dream to work with and the dye job is amazing (I know it's my own, but I don't know how it happened, the colors turned out so pretty and have an ethereal quality... I think it was one of those days when I just ran on intuition and hoped for the best). The beads are tiny, and will give it the look of tiny mist drops on a spider web. And it's just for me. Not the me 50 pounds from now, but the Me right now.

I have started another shawl, too, and am looking forward to seeing it take shape. I love the beginnings of the project since it seems to go so quickly. The top of this one is primarily stockinette so I am able to work on it while watching movies with Brianna. I finished the first eyelet section and am ready to keep going. It will be for a friend and I am determined to have it completed before the end of this month.

I hope you are all having a lovely crafty day!

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