Monday, August 26, 2013

Celebrating My Birthday Early

I am so excited about being part of Asheville's wonderful community! The mountains are beautiful, the people are polite and kind, the wildlife (yes, even in town) is amazing, and I feel right at home. This year I will be celebrating my first birthday here as a resident (last year I was here as a visitor). I can't even describe how that feels... "fabulous" just doesn't seem to cover it.

As some of you know, I have been dyeing yarn for a while now and have a monthly yarn club. You can sign up for it here or here (for an auto-renew option). But here's the thing: I want to share my excitement with lots of you! So I talked with my Sweetie (who seems pretty good at getting my mind moving sometimes) and came up with a great idea. Starting today and going until my birthday (September 16) I will refund $16 for each 3 Month and $32 for each 6 Month membership. And you can join us on Ravelry, too!

Are you already a Club member? If you refer someone to the Club and they sign up for a 3 Month membership, you will get a free skein of yarn (up to $25 or $25 off any order). If they sign up for a 6 Month membership, you will get 2 skeins of yarn (up to $25 each, or $50 off any order). Just tell them that they need to let me know who sent them. And yes, this is even for the international folks!

I know that some folks really prefer the monthly payment options (only available on and there is something special for you as well. When you sign up, I will make a note in your file and after the 3rd monthly payment comes through PayPal, I will refund $10. After the 6th monthly payment I will refund another $10 (for a total of 2 refunds equaling $20).

Keep in mind that any sign-up that occurs after the 13th will have their first shipment in October.

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