Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Muse shouts...

There are times when my Muse whispers softly and encourages me to work on the projects I already have going, like my Opposite Socks.

Opposite Socks

Then there are times she shouts in my ear, telling me that I can actually do this crazy thing. In the limited time available. Like Magick Number.

Magick Number

This morning she is shouting for me to create myriad designs. Fibonacci scarves, lace shawls, cabled socks, lace sweaters... and the list grows by the moment. Fibonacci scarves have already been done before now, I don't need to come up with a new pattern, just alter them to suit me (like only going up to 13 or 21). Lace shawls? Really, now, aren't there enough of those out there? Do I really need to make up a new one right now? There are hundreds of cabled socks out there too, do I really need to come up with a new one? As for lace sweaters, does that really need to be done?

"Yes," she tells me, "they need to be done."

And so I sigh and pull out the precious graph paper knowing that the ideas will continue bouncing around my head until I get them started. Then they will get louder until I start choosing the yarns and the needles. Then the whole thing will become a cacophony, drowning out the rest until the end. At that point, if I am lucky, there will be a visual symphony to share with the world. Or, just my small corner of it.


  1. Always listen to the muse. If you don't, she'll go away, and that would be sad

  2. Always listen to the muse. Always. If you don't, she may stop speaking up, and that would be sad