Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunshine & yarn

What a beautiful day this is shaping up to be! We have sunshine here and even though I have to mow the yard, I'm really happy.

On the HPKCHC page, I've gotten one OWL approved and am still waiting for the next one. I'll be doing a large shawl and 4 pairs of socks. Can I finish them all within 3 months? And still do a couple projects for the classes? Yep! I'm determined to get these done. I'm still working on getting 13 pairs of socks completed by the end of this year. I finished 4 pair already, but one felted so I can't really count that one. With these 4 completed I'll still need to finish 6 in the remaining 5 months. I'm pretty sure I can do that. The shawl? Oh, I'm making that one up. It's knit from side to side and will be wavy. The color is A Silver Lining and I'm thinking it will be reminiscent of rain falling on the windows. I'll also be including clear beads to look like drops of rain and as soon as I get a little more progress done I'll get a picture up.

The Gryffindor group is so much fun! There are some really cool people in there and I've not even met them all, yet. They really are encouraging and try their best to help a person out. So far, the idea of visiting the other houses has been a great one.

I got a couple new ideas for colorways while I was in the chat room the other night and those will get put into the shop tomorrow. We'll see how they do, then maybe make a couple more.

For now, I need to get the yard done before my neighbors get mad. I hope you're all having a great day!

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