Thursday, June 19, 2014

Knitting and knitting

Now that things are a little more settled and most of the boxes are unpacked, I'm allowing myself a bit more knitting time. I love that feeling of calm that comes over me as I finish up a project or make progress on another one.

I found a big snafu with Brianna's sweater and am having to create a new sleeve hole after kitchenering the old one. As you can see, there is too much space between the shoulders and the sweater will hang wrong -

I'm very glad that I know how to fix this since it will save me several hours of re-knitting what I'd already done. Here is the beginning -

I still need to create a new sleeve hole a little closer sot hat the sweater hangs right, and I should be able to get that completed this afternoon. Overall, Brianna is pretty happy with how it's turning out. She still hasn't decided whether she wants to paint/dye the flower pink or not, but she's got time to make up her mind.

I've been very relaxed with the Tour de Sock this year. I had decided that I was only going to complete one sock per Stage, but I didn't complete Stage 2. This evening will be the release of Stage 3 and I'm looking forward to seeing how that one will look so that I can decide on yarn colors. I have some picked out already, but I won't know if they will work or not. Even so, I'm really enjoying the patterns so far. Here is my first sock, made with ASC Frost Moon, along with the wee sock I made so that I can turn these in for HPKCHC -

I'm still thinking quite seriously about the cloak that is floating around my mind. I know that lace would be insane to use, but I think the finished item would be just lovely. At the least, I'd go up to fingering weight and definitely not thicker than sport. Even so, there are several other projects in line first and that one will have to wait just a little longer.

I hope you're all happily crafting!

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